The Big Secret Behind Sophia Wealth Academy 10

The Big Secret Behind Sophia Wealth Academy 10

by Tracy Theemes

I’m looking for answers.

And I’m a bit afraid.

I feel my feet slipping out from under me and the world seems askew. I feel slightly nauseous and confused. I have felt this way for the last year or so. What is going on?

I had coffee with Sandy Garossino, former Crown Prosecutor and now National Observer political columnist. I asked her, “What is going on?”. She did not respond, “About what”? She knew. She sipped and spoke and showed me her social media feed in the form of a “Tweet Deck” displayed on a gigantic screen on her desktop. Her sense of direction in using words of truth to combat ignorance moved me. Her steely gaze and strong opinions about power and leadership gave me hope. Her tweets @Garossino inspired me.


I got into my car, turned on my stereo and for the 100th time began pelting out the lyrics to Susan Aglukark’s Juno award winning song, “O Siem”.

O Siem, we are all family
O Siem, we're all the same
O Siem, the fires of freedom
Dance in the burning flame

Siem o siyeya, all people rich and poor
Siem o siyeya, those who do and do not know
Siem o siyeya, take the hand of one close by
Siem o siyeya, of those who know because they try
And watch the walls come tumbling down…

Every time I sing it along with Susan (we are on first name terms in my mind) I feel grounded. I remember that I am part of a legion of women who have gone before and still carry the torch of love, power and connection.

A few days later I met up with Christine Bergeron, Executive Lead at Vancity. She put her bike helmet on the seat and told me that she burned the kids’ spaghetti that morning. She was very annoyed. She made me laugh. We talked about the details of life and spoke about our need to do something of import that would really have an impact on the economic landscape, burned spaghetti be damned.

I continue to read the book, “Pride: The Secret of Success” by Dr. Jessica Tracy. She addresses the kind of leadership where egotistical stances trump compassionate, thoughtful leadership. I am intrigued by her research and its implications. My brain latches onto some fascinating ideas.

Money rules. And women need to know how to use it to protect themselves and what they believe in.
— Tracy

I drank tea with Dr. Maria Gallo, who was my daughter’s varsity rugby coach. She talked about the importance emotional-self regulation and physical power. I called my friends far and wide and met women leaders for wine, coffee, and walks. I asked all of them a version of the question, “what is going on?”

I spoke with Kamal, my wise business partner, who also shares my concern over the world at large. We are on the front lines. Money and power are the currencies of our daily work. And we do not like what we are hearing. Despair and fear seem to be settling into the roots of our people. Money is getting congested, hearts are constricting and hands are clenching.

What is going on?

I need my people.

I need comfort. Shared stories. Support. Ideas. Communion.

Kamal suggested after four years of respite, that we resurrect Wealth Academy as a wellspring of collaboration and collective wisdom. We have become too afraid. Money rules. And women need to know how to use it to protect themselves and what they believe in.

I called the women I want to learn from. I called the women I need help from. I called the women who inspire me and challenge me. And they all said, “Yes!” I started to sleep a little better.

For the first time in months I felt a surge of optimism and strength. This is not just about learning about money. Or power. Or activism. It is about the creative energy that can be harnessed and invested and optimized to create greater good. We are so much stronger and wiser together than apart.

And the biggest secret of all? We won’t know until 5 pm Saturday, January 26th. I only know one thing. It won’t be a whisper.

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